Social Media Tools: Our Killer Toolbox

Our toolbox brings you social media tools that we know, love and trust….and USE. Over the years marketing in social media, Ann has made herself the social media tools “guinea pig” and tried and tested…to save YOU time, money and effort!

Naturally, there is a learning curve with ANY new program, you all know that. Part of what we pride ourselves on is our ability to teach our clients how to use these effectively. Many work with us just for THAT coaching alone.

These social media tools we personally recommend:

Hostmonster: When purchasing domain names and hosting most just default to GoDaddy, which makes sense, because they are the biggest and most advertised, but does that make them the best? In my opinion, NO! I highly recommend Hostmonster for several reasons:

1- unlimited hosting and sites for ONE price! I actually host SEVEN sites for my annual price (domain purchases are separate, but I buy them ALL here and redirect to my sites, for example and point to the same site) There prices are great.

2- purchasing your domains here makes wordpress set up a SNAP!

3- they have 24/7 live support, based in Utah! teehee As small business owners we often need someone to talk to when we need HELP!


Premise by CopyBlogger: ok first and foremost, if you do your social media homework, you KNOW Copyblogger is the forerunner in the blogging world. We love his books and blog! This tool I have been personally using since 2010 and I LOVE it. And the cool thing? They just keep making it better and better! Now they not only offer amazing sales page structure, with buttons, video placement, optin capability, but they also offer an MEMBERSHIP based program, where people can sign up and get your tools and resources! WOOT! ALSO, you can use your purchase on ANY and EVERY wordpress site you have! That rocks.

Premise for WordPress