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Have you been told “social media marketing” is what you MUST do if you want your small business to grow? Are you frustrated with every tip and trick out there and nothing seems to work?

Here is the deal: Marketing has NOTHING to do with social media. Social media is a great place to implement a marketing strategy, if you choose. So learning a marketing strategy, a strategy that brings:

  • leads,
  • referrals,
  • visibility,
  • press
  • and customers

to YOUR business is the key. A strategy you can use anywhere, at any time, based on the platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) you like or better yet, where you target market shows up.

You don’t have to do everything to be effective in social media, you just need the right strategy to attract the right people, engage them, in less time.

We can show you how. Ann Evanston, the created this program in 2007, and has been named a top marketing consultant by and written up in The Huffington Post for your effective marketing in social media and the results it gets her clients. Now you have access.

Lisa Ann Landry is a professional business owner, facilitator and coach. As an early student of this program, she saw the results for her own business and over the years has taught hundreds of businesses the “SNCC Way” social media marketing system this high praise.

This program is less about how to tweet or build a page or profile, it is more about what marketing strategy will work for your business online. It is about how to create the best compelling content (let’s face it, if you want to be online you need “content”!) that makes people want to be a part of YOUR brand.

That will drive business results!

In this course you will learn:

  • What is an online marketing strategy, and how to measure if it’s working for you
  • How building social capital will build your bottom line
  • The #1 secret to getting potential customers to know, like, and trust your brand
  • The power and balance of influence and engagement as a strategy
  • Content, content, content! Insights to creating content and repurposing what you ALREADY have
  • The blunders of others and why you don’t want to BE that person
  • What to do, if you can only do one thing
  • How sales and marketing fit into social media
  • And much more!

Ready to get started? Take this self paced training course now (you can even get a free preview!)