Rodeo Queen Contestants and Pageant Directors Why You Need Social Media

Rodeo Queen Contestants and Social Media Abstinence

Rodeo Queen Contestants

Rodeo Queen Contestants, Horses, and Flags

“Under no circumstance can you use social media during your year!  Abstain!”  Rodeo Queen Contestants and Titleholders are told this increasingly often by pageant committees.  Additionally, you might be surprised to know judges now review pageant rodeo queen contestants’ social media pages during competition more than ever before.

As a Social Media trainer, it makes me ask why?  The fact is social media is an excellent vehicle for exposure and going viral. 

Okay, maybe I just answered my own question.

Social Media Ignorance

Social presence and online viral exposure can have some pretty serious drawbacks. When done correctly there are massive benefits. For pageant directors who dont know or understand social media, you may be unfamiliar with the techniques for leveraging it in a beneficial way. Maybe you prefer tips on how to address detrimental posts.

Social media can be:

  1. Monitored for keywords, individual names, trolls, complaints and other content.
  2. An excellent tool for getting raving fans (an online marketing force working to promote your brand for FREE).
  3. Inappropriately used (unsuitable pictures, bullying, and catty, spiteful, troll like behavior) and that can damage both the reputation of the Rodeo Queen contestants and the Organization.


Yes, you’ve likely seen some of these and thats why abstinence is recommended.


Social Media Enlightenment


Abstinence prevents the current Rodeo Queen and/or the Pageant brand from leveraging social media. Consequently there’s a missed opportunity for gaining more contestants, sponsors and for promotions. I have a better idea. Why not teach contestants and pageant directors social media basics?


Social Media Basics for Rodeo Queens and Pageant Directors



Rodeo Queen Contestants

Rodeo Queen Contestants like – Miss Rodeo Oklahoma

Social media basics for the Rodeo Queen Pageant brand might include these topics:

1. Online reputation management – techniques for learning:

  • What’s being said about you online,
  • How to respond, and
  • How to increase your positive presence so the negative content falls down in search results.

2.  Getting Started with Social Media be SMART learning about the social media sites where your target market is located and how to engage them.

3.  Getting Sponsors and Raving Fans – techniques on how to create a tribe of raving fans and find sponsors to support and promote your associated events.

4.     Using Social Media to Promote Events – techniques on socializing your events across your social properties and using free and fee advertisement for exposure.


If that sounds beneficial, stay tuned for the series designed for equine queens and pageant directors (all are welcome).


Suppose youre a rodeo queen contestant.  What would you do if one of your friends posted a picture of you on Facebook that made it appear as though you were drinking and partying? Check back for ideas. The next post in this series will be on reputation management.


Lisa Ann Landry is speaking at all of the Queens in Jeans Equine Queen Clinics.  Attendees will learn techniques to promote themselves, their pageant, sponsors and rodeo!