Etiquette for Business on Social Networks

Etiquette for Business on Social Networks Why?

This topic came about because we posted on our Facebook page a short list of things that cause fans to kick us to the curb. A fan responded by asking for a list of do’s and don’ts for Facebook. It got me thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide on etiquette for business on social networks not just Facebook? 

Facebook Profile and Page

Use pages instead of profiles for business.

  •  Don’t know How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Business this will help.
  • Etiquette for Business on Social Networks

    Etiquette for Business on Social Networks

    The difference between the two: Profiles (have friends) are for connecting with friends, family, classmates, etc. to share your life, pictures, videos, and games – think of it as a family reunion picnic.

  • Pages (have likes) are to promote, market, and sell your products and services. (This checklist guarantees a completely set-up your page).

Choosing a Facebook Page Name

When selecting a page name think it through! Do you really want a page called “Sexy & Horny Girls” (FYI pornography violates Facebook terms). Other important things to consider:

  • Consistency with branding is important
  • The first word in your fan page title is given the most weight (importance) by Google
  • Think about what your business is known by (when fans search for you what do they look for)
  • What if your name is taken already how will you manage that?

Search Engine Optimization on Facebook

SEO on Facebook happens in a few places, the About Section of your page, Mission, and Company Description.

Facebook Profile logo and Cover Photos

Think about tweaking and changing your profile photo (logo) from time to time. Your fans will be notified in their news feed. FYI I don’t mean changing your branding.

·     Change your cover photo frequently too. Fans love photos (there are new rules for cover photos).

  • In case you don’t have a variety of cover photos start taking pictures and saving them so that you have a pool to select from.

Posting Content

Post content frequently 

  • 1 – 3 times a day
  • Pictures, Videos and short text (80 characters or less)
  •  In terms of text content avoid bad etiquette for business on social networks (unless is part of your brand) and don’t post:
  1. Long monologues, rants, negative dissertation
  2. Politics, religion, porn, &  highly incendiary content
  3. Push marketing
  • Most engagement is on weekends, Thursday & Fridays. Conduct research to determine when best to reach your target market.
  • Avoid shortened URLs Facebook people are afraid to click on them.
  • Early morning or late afternoon are good times for engagement.

Tagging people, pages, and photos is an important strategy for engagement and exposure. AVOID dirty tagging and follow good tagging etiquette. Dirty tagging is tagging ALL your friends in a picture that has nothing to do with them like a purse, or a piece of jewelry you are trying to sell.  

Post valuable relevant content by doing education based marketing and remember to post, like, comment, and share as the brand.


Conduct social media CPR (comment, post, and reply) with your fans daily from your page. Also using your page as the brand click on home and CPR from there too. Study Facebook Insights and make necessary adjustments to increase engagement.

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