Etiquette for Business on Social Networks – Part 3

Etiquette for Business on Social Networks – Twitter

Etiquette for Business on Social Networks

Etiquette for Business on Social Networks

The series continues with etiquette for business on social networks emphasizing the unique characteristics of Twitter a micro blogging platform.  Wikipedia  says it “ differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregate file size. Microblogs “allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links.”

Twitter limits you to 140 characters making it tough to say something powerful so tweets include URLs containing amazing content found in blogs, videos, images, SlideShare presentations, etc. In the big scheme of things you’ll want people to click on links and love your Tweets so much they share them (retweet). 

Good etiquette for business on social networks means you abide by a code of manners – that’s if you want good will from your community. Here are a few Twitter rules and tips that’ll get you cooperation:

Etiquette Rules Unique to Twitter:

  • People don’t follow Eggheads that’s the default profile photo on Twitter. We use it to get to know you. Spammers tend to be eggheads.
  •  Live Tweeting is cool but give fair warning – Suppose your attending a conference or trade show and you want to tweet all the cool things you learn. So you do 100 tweets 3 days in a row. That just might tick off your followers so give them warning. Spread your Tweets throughout the day and avoid blasting 10 or 20 out at the same time unless Live Tweeting.
  •  #Really #want #to #tick #off #your #Fans – Hashtag every word the appropriate use of hashtags is avoid using more than 3 per tweet.
  • Plagiarizing will get you in trouble don’t Steal People’s Content on the Web use these guidelines

Hubspot says, “To Cite Someone’s Content on Twitter: Simply include a “via @username” somewhere in the tweet. If you’re retweeting someone’s content but you edit their original tweet, be sure to change “RT” to “MT,” which stands for “modified tweet.”

·       It’s critical to verify your information before retweeting, case in point is from the recent Boston Bombing and content on Reddit during the manhunt for the bombers. Reddit is often abuzz with misinformation.  According to general manager Erik Martin, “Some of the activity on Reddit fueled online witch hunts and dangerous speculation which spiraled into very negative consequences for innocent parties.

The SNCC Way – Etiquette tips

  • Use your Bio to introduce yourself and intrigue potential followers.
  • We believe in attraction marketing so your pull statement plays a big part in your bio
  •  Remember to use education based marketing
  • Balance engagement to influence type of content. Learn more on this topic in our program.

What are your rules of etiquette for business on social networks especially Twitter?