BE A S.M.A.R.T. Social Media Kindergartener

SMART Social Media Marketing!

SMART Social Media Marketing!

I can hardly remember my first day of kindergarten those of you with children it might be easier to recall when you sent them to their first day of school. Just like your parents, you sent your kids with all kinds of rules – come right home, I’M picking you up so stay at the front of the building, do what your teacher says – you get my drift.

For small business owners, entrepreneurs, speakers, & consultants who are Kindergarteners at social media

”SMART” rules apply just as they did when sending your kids off to school for the first time.


Here is what those “SMART” Rules or Guidelines should be:


S – Strategize about what goals you want to accomplish by using social platforms.

M -Manage your time and use tools to assist you in creating and scheduling content

A – Add value in the social space with your content and interactions

R – Remember ‘The law of Reciprocity’ is very important to your Social Media success

T – Treat the social space as a place that makes you visible GLOBALLY – 24/7.


Stay tuned as the “SMART social media guidelines for kindergartner series continues  every Tuesday where we elaborate on each of these SMART strategies. What are some of your SMART rules and guidelines for using social media?


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Lisa Ann Landry ranked by HubSpot among the Twitter Elite in the Seattle Area. She Blogs for The Social Network Coaches Club, is a guest bloggers for SkillPath Seminars where she blogs on a variety topics. She presents at summits & speaks on radio talk shows about Social Media. By year end 2012 she will have delivered 127 social media marketing seminars & conferences reaching over 5000 people & 34 Facebook Marketing seminars reaching over 1600 people. [/author_info] [/author]





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  1. Jeannie Shea says:

    I love these reminders! I really do feel like a kindergartener sometimes so these are great. Especially the Time Management. I try to stay positive online. Hopefully while keeping it real. And I don’t always post feedback where everyone can see it, sometimes I send a private message. Not everyone needs to see everything.

    • Lisa Landry says:

      Jeannie, I’m so glad you like the reminders. Seems like kindergarten was a whole bunch more fun as a child then an adult. Now I get frustrated & want to tear something up. When we were kids we’d laugh about it, run, flip, have a snack & a nap – those were the days.

  2. JudyStoneGoldman says:

    I definitely need to be SMART about the “M” – Time management. Still the hardest to get on top of. I really enjoy the reciprocity part. By the way, I always loved the first day of school in September, and I consider it a time to refresh my focus and purpose. So great time to consider the learning we do about social media.

    • Lisa Landry says:

      Judy what a wonderful observation & connection you made in terms of the first day of school. I hadn’t even thought of it or maybe I did unconsciously so this post is right on time ha! ha!

  3. Sue Bock says:

    Excellent tips. The acronym is also a relevant reminder of what truly is important in this process. The interaction between all of us is important, and what is truly your message? What impact do you want in the world and is this also a business. Thanks for making it simple!

  4. ThandiweW says:

    There’s a SMART for almost everything. This is great information. I could also be better about M..I guess it’s all a process.
    Peace and good.

    • Lisa Landry says:

      Manage time is a challenge for many of us that’s why being clear about your goals is so important. Sometimes our time gets eat up by things that move us away from what we are trying to accomplish.

  5. One of my guidelines is to study with my great coaches at The SNCC Way! (Brown nosing all the way! Learned that in school, too!) And what you said above but I resist doing a couple of them!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!
    Reconnecting you to your Original Blueprint, Your Essence, Your Joy| Healing you from the Inside Out |Reconnective Healing | The Reconnection| Reconnective Art |

  6. Maureena Bivins, PhD says:

    I have learned how to spell SMAR so far. Now I am working on T. Looking forward to your posts!

  7. Thanks for laying out these guidelines so clearly. All five are crucial, of course, but for me, managing my time and directing my efforts is a constant challenge. My enthusiasm always tempts me to get too busy to do an excellent job.

    Now I’m looking forward to reading what you’ll say about each goal in greater depth.

    • Lisa Landry says:

      Hey Robbie, I used to be a perfectionist too & have learned its much more effective to accomplish many things extremely well than one thing perfectly. I must remind myself constantly.

  8. Kindergarten, kindergarten!! Hurray! Finally something my speed. Weak on rules 1 and 2, but getting better at all the rest. I’m finally beginning to create that list of posts to be cycled instead of reinventing the wheel again and again. Happy to know you are doing this, Lisa!

    • Lisa Landry says:

      I’ve got a working computer & so excited to see all these comments you guys are so amazing. I’m so glad to hear people aren’t taking offense to the expression ‘kindergartener’ recycling is good for the environment & good in social media.