5 Best Practices Using Social Media for Customer Service

5 Best Practices Using Social Media for Customer Service

Using Social Media for Customer Service

Social Customer Service Tips

Customer Service US and Abroad

What have you seen as far as using social media for customer service in the US compared to what you’ve seen done abroad? Have you found social media to be an integral part of customer service abroad? During my travels to Australia I was surprised by how difficult it was to locate, access, and connect to Wi-Fi. Maybe my expectation was unrealistic. Possibly I created a few of my own bad customer service experiences. Or did I?

I found customer service in Australia to be excellent even with my missing luggage. Customer service experiences from Qantas, Mecure Hotel, Rendezvous Hotel, Holiday Inn, even at the information desk at the Brisbane airport were excellent. The representatives were pleasant and helpful.  I don’t often see this kind of response from the customer service representatives in the US. Then I started wondering why.

Could it be that the economy in Australia is so good employees are happy because they are treated well, paid fair, and have a fair workload? In comparison the United States where employees are treated poorly, paid awful, over worked, and under appreciated, could that be why customer service is so bad? I’m not saying its bad everywhere!

Bad Customer Service

Not all my experiences were great. The one place where I consistently experienced bad customer service was with the limo drivers. Not with all of them. In fact some of them were fascinating. A few drivers showed up late, went to the wrong location for pick up and drop off, or never showed at all. I had to go find the driver. I even missed a flight. In these situations the drivers where never apologetic or remorseful. In fact I was made to feel as though I had done something wrong.

During my time in Australia I expected to easily access the internet through my Wi-Fi connection on my iPhone. That didn’t work out so much. Since I didn’t have international calling service I left my cell phone off. If the drivers tried to call me – only one did which went to voice mail.  I was only able to find one limo service that had a social media presence. Lack of social media presence is one thing that I think contributed to their poor customer service. The businesses that I had great customer service experiences with had avenues for me to contact them via social media.

Best Practices using Social Media for Customer service

Here are some tips for using social media as a customer service tool;

  1. Deleting negative complaints is not a customer service solutions
  2. Integrate social media into your existing customer service.
  3. Customer service incidents may show up on social sites there is nothing wrong taking it to private discussion – once solved ask customer to share on social sites.
  4. Train the entire organization in social media and customer service then put the whole organization on-call for customer service
  5. When you have major changes in your business impacting your customers have a customer service Q&A party.

What are your most valued tips for using social media for customer service?