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Savvy Social Media Training and Marketing Coaching for the Busy Small Business Owner

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The SNCC WAY strategies have been featured in The Huffington Post, and countless blogs and radio show interviews!

We will give you a system, content, and tools that SAVE you time! Start by getting our COOL GIFT (see tab above), a social media tracking tool to monitor YOUR SUCCESS!

Marketing ISN'T social media... media IS a place you can market. When you work with marketing experts they can teach the busy small business owner marketing strategy that can be used ANYWHERE ANYTIME.

THAT is what we at The SNCC Way do... you how to stop wasting time with tips and tricks and get down to a real strategy that calls your customers!

Meet Lisa Ann Landry, MSM recently noted by LinkedIn:

"LinkedIn now has 200 million members. Lisa, congratulations! You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012." Think she's passionate about the SNCC WAY?

Meet Ann M. Evanston, MA creator of the SNCC Way:

Recognized for her marketing success: Name Top 6 Marketing Consultant by, Ann has changed the lives of small business owners globally.

Don't have time for COACHING?

Then our just-in-time training programs are JUST for you! Log in when it works for you and learn a complete marketing strategy!

Tips and Tricks won't save you time!

You need a plan, that you can replicate, measure, and attract the people who NEED and WANT what you offer. Start today with our FREE social media tracking tool- if you don't know the numbers that matter, how can you monitor success?